Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Surprise update!

The blog lives! Mostly because I've discovered it's more fun to write in a blog than it is to write papers for work...

So, turns out it's been a while since I've written anything here. Instead of explaining to you why it's been so long (here's a hint though, it involves an elephant, 4 of the 5 great lakes, an escalator, and an asteroid), I thought I'd just update you on the most important things that have happened in the last little while.

I think the most important thing I have done since my last post was to become more prepared for the future. My roommates and I have begun creating a stash of food in case of an emergency. The two most likely emergencies being (1) we all lose our jobs and our identities in an action packed, thrilling story of betrayal, love, loss, and espionage or (2) mutant zombie vampire were-creatures from the black abyss of an alien planet take over the world (This story is actually less action packed than the first, though it surprisingly has more love and espionage). Anyways, the point is, we have some food stored away for either scenario, or any other (less likely) emergency that may occur. This food consists of 25 pounds of hot chocolate powder and two pounds of cold cereal marshmallows. We could live for...well...at most a week off of this stuff. And man what a week it would be!

This is what food storage was meant to look like. My only fear is that by posting this online, millions of people will storm our apartment to try to take our food storage from us. Try it. Just you try it. We'll be ready for you. No one's stealing even one pound of our precious hot chocolate.

Well...that's about it. Now you're updated on all the important events from the last 8 months of my life! I left out the stories that seemed less important, like my near death experience jumping from a burning building into streets flooded by a tsunami caused by a nearby volcano eruption, as well as my failed arranged marriage with the daughter of a Thai mafia mob boss. In comparison to the 25 pounds of hot chocolate powder and the discovery that I can bulk order cold cereal marshmallows online...those stories just didn't seem nearly as exciting.